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Arolys is a consulting and training firm specialising in competitiveness and innovation.
Our values are simplicity, pragmatism and the pleasure of leading teamwork.

We constantly strive to cultivate our strong points:

A very concrete culture that always leads to simpler, more direct and less theoretical methods,
A dynamic and creative animation that encourages us to broaden the fields of investigation, in order to find innovative solutions,
A functioning in binomial for maximum efficiency: no input constraints for the facilitator, while the results of the work appear instantly to the team,
Our expertise in difficult projects with very ambitious objectives in a wide range of sectors: products, processes, organisations, etc.


Passionate about competitiveness and innovation, I have been leading large companies and SMEs to radical cost reductions and customer value enhancement for over 30 years.

I have long believed in the importance of teamwork.

I am always amazed by the strong expertise and specialised know-how that we can find in all sectors of activity, but I cannot bring myself to see them working so imperfectly together in so many projects.
I am also convinced that simple methods are the key to efficiency, both in terms of competitiveness and innovation.

AROLYS consultants share these passions and the values of simplicity and pragmatism.
Our two-man operation guarantees unparalleled efficiency.
We take our clients beyond the gains they thought were achievable by transforming the corporate culture in a very concrete way.



We lead numerous DESIGN TO COST & VALUE missions in France, Europe (Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Finland, Denmark…), the United States (Kansas, Minnesota) and Asia (India, Japan):

Water treatment

Design to Cost and Value of water treatment plants (VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES)…

Industrial machinery and equipment

Design to Cost and Value of industrial robots (SEPRO-GROUP)
Design to Cost and Value of fibre optic machines (CONDUCTIX WAMPFLER)

Consumer products

Design and Redesign to Cost of various household appliances (BRANDT – CEVITAL),
Sports products (DECATHLON),

Medical equipment

Design to Cost and Value of medical devices (FRESENIUS KABI)


Redesign of the AGC regional train systems, Autorail Grande Capacité (BOMBARDIER TRANSPORT)
Optimisation of fittings for a new locomotive (ALSTOM), …

Agricultural equipment and large land vehicles

Design to Value of tractors, combines, planters, spray cutters, balers… (AGCO – MASSEY FERGUSON – VALTRA), … Value analysis of vibrating vehicles for oilfield detection (SERCEL)


Optimisation of a Uranium purification plant (AREVA), ..


Design to Cost for the 307,
Development of the product productivity approach (future Redesign to cost®) (PSA)…

Aeronautics and Space

Design to Cost and Value of a new electrical equipment technology (SAFRAN AEROSYSTEMS)
Reduction of A380 module costs (HISPANO SUIZA) …
Design to Cost of new composite technologies for civil aviation (SAFRAN), …


Design at Target Cost of several military systems (THALES),
Electricity, thermal energy, water and gas meters (ITRON)…

We carry out numerous training and deployment assignments in modern competitiveness and innovation approaches:

  • Pilot training and deployment of the Design to Value approach on 5 sites: 1 in France, 2 in the United States and 2 in Finland (AGCO – MASSEY FERGUSON, VALTRA, CHALLENGER, FENDT)
  • Training of more than 120 engineers and technicians in the fast and efficient tools of Design to Cost in France, Italy, Spain, Germany (SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC)
  • Numerous training courses in efficient Design to Cost (PAM – SAINT GOBAIN, MECAPACK, DEF…)

We have simplified the diversity of many product lines

  • Food products
  • Tractors
  • Scaffolding and ladders
  • Fabrics for ski boots…

Frédéric HAUSWALD – Director of Technical & Engineering Division – VEOLIA JAPAN

«Improving cost competiveness is becoming a major challenge for our company, and Arolys have taught us a very pragmatic and efficient approach to optimise our design so as to reduce costs, while maintaining the performance of the plants we are delivering to our Clients. We have applied this methodology to one of our on-going projects and we were pleasantly surprised by the results. ».

Mylène LEVAVASSEUR – Technical Studies and Projects Engineer – VEOLIA

«The involvement of people from outside the company like Arolys is very positive for an approach like Design to Cost. The participative workshops forced us to question our habits and to challenge ourselves in order to identify potential gains and levers for improvement. Thank you for all your work, your professionalism and your human qualities.».

Gaël BIRON – Project manager – VEOLIA OTV

“The DTC&V method developed by Arolys proved to be very suitable for identifying savings opportunities. The quality of the facilitation allowed the participants to work very efficiently and in a pleasant atmosphere.”

Peggy DEUSCHT – Site Director Centre of Excellence France – CONDUCTIX

” Arolys’ support was a real success because the approach is extremely pragmatic and concrete. It is a field support that is as close as possible to the teams, which gives a rhythm and a permanent adjustment to our needs. Beyond the results on the equipment itself, this approach has brought the teams closer together… it’s almost like team building! “

Silvere JAMAIN – Product Line Manager – SOMFY

” Great animation, bravo to the animator because it is indeed difficult to align the minds to the guideline.
To be repeated on projects that require it.. “

François CORSO – Design Office Manager – CONDUCTIX

” We appreciated the undeniable methodological contribution on the functional definition and the absolute necessity to judge the levels of flexibilities to define the right need.
The cost breakdown method is simple and pragmatic, which makes it possible to challenge the definition of the product and to imagine new concepts to achieve the cost reduction objectives already in this phase.
A great dynamic was created between the teams during this analysis, which continued during the implementation of the project. “

Benjamin STALDER – Project Manager – CONDUCTIX

” I particularly appreciated this approach which took me out of my purely technical vision. It is global and efficient. It gives a lot of clarity to the management (and obviously to ourselves). “

Pierre BRION – Head of Engines division – SOMFY

” The method is simple and the approach is based on a lot of pragmatism and common sense. Moreover, it allows the experts present to collaborate and to reach a consensus. I have rarely seen an approach of this type bring us to this level of result in such a short time. Bravo AROLYS!”

Denis GALHAUT – Design Office – CONDUCTIX

” A “salutary” performance that highlighted a daily reality. “

Dominique WEGRICH – Industrialisation Technician – PAUL HARTMANN

” It was a complicated process given the company’s requirements, well done for the adaptation and analysis. “

Xavier GOUSSET – Méthodes – ALDES

” The fact of having an external facilitator (Arolys) obliges us to reformulate our needs without taboos. This is to ensure that they are understood by the whole project group, including Arolys (role of candide). As Arolys has a timetable to respect, it forces us to make quick decisions to enable the synthesis at the end of the process. “

Nicolas TORTIGUE – Purchasing Manager – LAPEYRE

” Good service. Listening to the participants. “

Alain DOUX – Cost estimates – THALES

” A clear, constructive approach to identifying gains and distinguishing between what is required by the customer, what is just necessary and what is negotiable. “

Pierrick LAMOUR – PDA ACP – thales

” You get the feeling that arolys is not new to the business, which is good, because they know their stuff and can point you in the right direction. But on certain points, the specificity of certain requests can be a problem. But overall, the approach and the team are good. “


” A good approach, but the main final deposits were more or less already known. However, this leads us to question the value of the product’s capacities. “

François CORSO – Responsable Business Unit – CONDUCTIX

” AROLYS’ support approach covered a “traditional” component of their business, and a more project-planification aspect. The support we provided enabled them to rapidly build a basic roadmap for the rest of the operation. “

Marc LE PERSON – Cost Unit – THALES

” A simple/direct/quick method combined with effective animation produced credible results. “

Raphaël MEILLE – Industrialisation Cost Engineer – THALES

” An approach that allows all project stakeholders to be brought to the table (unfortunately this is becoming increasingly rare) and to effectively challenge all the components / stages in the construction of the RC cost of a product, with moderation of the stakeholders in virtually real time. “

David HOTTE – Program Manager – THALES

“Very interesting approach and method, the service allows you to take the necessary step back.
Friendly and relevant meeting facilitation.”

Loïc LE GALL – Engineering Manager – THALES

“A good understanding of the issues, a very strong ability to lead multi-sector groups and very convincing ways of making gains => A success story.”



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