AROLYS : The key of your competitiveness


Radically reduce your costs and boost your competitivity !
  • All the products hold high potentials of cost reduction
    When traditional approaches drag on and disappoint, the Design to Cost allows gains in rupture.
  • The Design to Cost detects quickly the major axis of competitivity
    The Design to Cost associates the expertises in a dense, pragmatic and structured approach, to provide very early to the decision-makers the entire visibility on the real levers.
  • The Design to Cost allows innovative solutions and radical savings.
    The savings go beyond what the teams imagined possible, without any massive investment.
    Fondamentally simplified, the products become competitive with a reenforced Customer Value.

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Transform the user experience, that is innovation !
  • Simplifying the user’s life is the first vector of innovation .
    The reinvention of the user experience creates nowadays products and services that change deeply the world.
  • The Design to Value targets the Customer Value and the satisfaction of new needs.
    The Design to Value explores the frustrated aspirations, potentials of simplification, technological opportunities… to highlight the fundamental needs and open the fields of creative research.
  • The Design to Value merges to innovative and competitive concepts.
    The Design to Value simplifies deeply the uses, services, architectures, products, process…
    It reconsiders radically the products for more Customer Value and profitability.

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The key tool of competitivity can be can be striking and effective !
  • The pioneer method of competitiveness
    The Value Analysis has highlighted for a long time the idea of Value : best provided service for an optimal cost.
  • The Value, at the crossroad of costs and needs
    The most important is less the detailed calculation of numerous functions, the stacking of formal tools or an excessiv strictness… than the quick detection of the not required costs !
  • The Value Analysis is extremely efficient… if it’s made simply !
    The Value Analysis remains the key tool of the competitivity when it’s able to focus the thoughts on what is essential.
    The tracking of the useless complexities and the cost of key requirements allows to target the right needs, for a competitive cost.

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Clarify your offer for more sales and profitability !
  • The plethoric products ranges belong to the past
    Today the product offer must be simple and readable for the customers.
    And without expensive fragmentation of the developpements and the production for the company.
  • The diagnosis of diversity excesses is easier than it seems
    The “Just Need” of diversity can easily be highlighted, and the costs of the complexity excesses quickly evaluated.
    Substantial energy potentials are then released in favor of true innovation.
  • The simplification logic must be extended to the products ranges
    Simplification and ranges attractiveness are not mutually exclusive !
    Well-thought-out, the evolution toward simple and readable ranges is consensual and without risk.

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Fascinated by Competitivity and Innovation, I’ve driven for more than 25 years large companies as SMEs to radical costs reductions and to the increasement of their customer value.

The AROLYS consultants share the same passions and the values of simplicity, pragmatism and efficiency.

Our operation in binomial of consultants ensures an unparalleled efficiency of the missions. We lead our customers beyond the gains they believed attainable, in short terms and change very concretely the culture of the company.


We animate numerous actions and trainings in very various sectors :

  • Aeronautics and Space
  • Agrobusiness
  • Automotive
  • Consumer products
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Industrial equipment
  • Railway
  • Agriculture equipment
  • Military
  • Nuclear technology
  • Sport products
  • Water treatment
  • Waste treatment

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1 day on site, 1 consultant

Let up to 30 persons discover issues and levers of Design to Cost & Value

2 days on site, 1 consultant

Train 10 people to modern methods of competitivity and innovation

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4 days on site, 2 consultants

Detect the concrete levers wich condition 15 to 30% savings on a major product.

Validate the economic potential of an innovative concept.

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Missions of 2 consultants

Manage your most ambitious projects.

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