Simplify your offer!



The rationalisation of diversity aims to greatly simplify the offer to customers while achieving significant savings:
In new projects, modular design and platform logic generate high cost savings in both development and mass production.
They also reduce the costs and delays of immaterial or non-recurring offers (services, responses to calls for tender, etc.).

In everyday life, post-simplification is an effective way of rationalising existing product ranges.

I’m as proud of what we don’t do as I am of what we do.
Steve JOBS

Large product ranges squander profitability

Half of the variants of a range usually represents… more than 95% of the turnover.

The second half – which nevertheless required as many development efforts and is the major source of difficulties in production – is only competing for a few percent of turnover.

This fragmentation creates a wealth of hidden costs that weigh on the company’s accounts, both in development and in everyday life.
We are actually exhausting resources designing and producing a multitude of variants …which are actually deficient!

Clear ranges are more attractive to customers

Overly complex ranges are no longer an asset for the company’s image, whether in B2B or B2C:

In 2009, the NOKIA range – then number 1 in phone sales – was launched.
includes 125 models…

… when APPLE’s simplistic but very innovative range,
has only 5 of them!

The very extensive range of the Finnish manufacturer will not prevent its collapse, until the sale of this branch of activity.



Frederic GAUMET – Business development manager – VEOLIA AQUACULTURE

” Despite the COVID situation that locked us to work on remote workshop and almost no face to face brainstorming and fully dynamic experience, we learn a lot of develop through this process extremely valuable options and solutions to be digested and integrated into our corporate strategy to standardize new products and solutions in our market. “

Jean-François GARCIA – Technical Services Manager – ALDES

” Behind the words that are regularly used in the industry (produce at the right price by meeting the desired functions and seeking standardisation), the “AROLYS method” has the merit of setting out a simple (but not simplistic) and accessible approach to achieving these objectives. “

Yvan BOGUCKI – Product Manager – CONDUCTIX

” Passer par Arolys et ainsi avoir un œil neuf a permis de revenir à la base des produits et des coûts pour casser les préjugés et définir les actions qui sont nécessaires et celles qui ne le sont pas. “



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