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Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we measure it systematically.

We are very proud of the fact that  95% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied since 2015!

Emilie PASQUET – Industrial Methods Engineer – THALES

” A great intervention with people who were involved and concerned about the future of the project. Working with Arolys was a real asset for the project. In particular, it enabled us to create a multi-business team dynamic and to identify potential gains to reach our target. A great experience that I hope to be able to repeat on a future project. “

Jean GATELLET – VP Business Line Exterior – SOMFY

“An intervention carried out on a Design To Cost project which was a success.
The potential saving is identified thanks to a well-honed working method that favours the collective commitment of all the trades, an efficient work rhythm and a very professional facilitation… now it’s up to us to transform!”

Florian DOCHE – Mechanical Designer – SOMFY

“The process is well established and the facilitation is very well structured and dynamic. The multidisciplinary collaboration is a real plus, as it allows us to reach a consensus in order to present a clear and realistic result of the potential savings.”

Rémi SOURAIN – Power transmission expert – SOMFY

“The collaboration with Arolys is positive and enriching because it allows us to identify potential gains.
I particularly appreciated the adaptability of the method and of the consultants, which allows us to get to the heart of the matter.
Arolys knows how to make the most of the experience and skills present in the room.
It’s up to us to turn this into reality!”

Didier DEBRUN – Project Buyer – SOMFY

“The Design to Cost approach with multi-business participation is a performance booster in the analysis and search for solutions, all participants become aware of their added value in cost optimisation.”

Pierre BRION – Head of Motor Expertise Unit – SOMFY

“As with every mission, the simplicity of the approach and the professionalism of the Arolys facilitators enabled us to achieve the set objective. Moreover, it was always a very pleasant, lively and dynamic moment. When will the next one be?!”

Frédéric HAUSWALD – Director of Technical & Engineering Division – VEOLIA JAPAN

«Improving cost competiveness is becoming a major challenge for our company, and Arolys have taught us a very pragmatic and efficient approach to optimise our design so as to reduce costs, while maintaining the performance of the plants we are delivering to our Clients. We have applied this methodology to one of our on-going projects and we were pleasantly surprised by the results. ».

Mylène LEVAVASSEUR – Technical Studies and Projects Engineer – VEOLIA

«The involvement of people from outside the company like Arolys is very positive for an approach like Design to Cost. The participative workshops forced us to question our habits and to challenge ourselves in order to identify potential gains and levers for improvement. Thank you for all your work, your professionalism and your human qualities.».

Gaël BIRON – Project manager – VEOLIA OTV

“The DTC&V method developed by Arolys proved to be very suitable for identifying savings opportunities. The quality of the facilitation allowed the participants to work very efficiently and in a pleasant atmosphere.”

Peggy DEUSCHT – Site Director Centre of Excellence France – CONDUCTIX

” Arolys’ support was a real success because the approach is extremely pragmatic and concrete. It is a field support that is as close as possible to the teams, which gives a rhythm and a permanent adjustment to our needs. Beyond the results on the equipment itself, this approach has brought the teams closer together… it’s almost like team building! “

Sébastien CLERY – Business Developper – SOMFY

” The whole process was carried out remotely because of the Covid crisis and was successful. The approach is very pragmatic and immediately arouses the interest of the working group. The constant questioning allows everyone to leave their comfort zone and to come up with new solutions with a patent application at the end “

Raphaël THOMAS – Costing Manager – SAFRAN AEROSYSTEMS

” The choice of partner is key for this type of DtC approach, both to guarantee the achievement of the ambitious results targeted and, in our case, to convince all the internal players of the relevance of the approach. The excellent results obtained with Arolys in the context of our project are linked, in my opinion, to three key parameters: good timing (a very upstream approach), the adaptation of the approach to the environment (product complexity, internal organisation, etc.) and the quality of the participants. Arolys’ agility and seriousness were exactly what we were looking for. “

Laurent GRAVELEAU – DtC Expert – THALES

” AROLYS enabled us to identify, over a short cycle of around 12 weeks, RC* savings of the order of xx% with a low level of NRC* on a serial product deemed to have “no possible areas of cost reduction”.
These savings have since been reflected in the specifications by the project team in accordance with the submitted plan.
More than the method, it is first Arolys’ dynamism and, above all, its willingness to get to the bottom of the technical issues that have enabled these results.
It should be noted that, compared to other consultants, Arolys also worked and detailed the NRC* associated with these gains in order to guarantee the overall ROI* of this operation “
* RC = Recurring cost NRC = Non-recurring costs ROI = Return on investment

Claude PARRA – Program Manager – ITRON

” Simple, pragmatic and flexible, logic design to cost methodology served by excellent AROLYS consultants and effective templates.
We succeed to proceed with the whole AROLYS methodology and the outcome was a solid and documented design to cost solution that was globally confirmed during the next project stage “

Thierry BURGAIN – Acoustics Responsible – BRANDT

” I participated in 3 working groups led by the AROLYS team. The atmosphere of the groups and the dynamism of the speakers made the work on cost reductions, a subject that was initially less exciting than others, very interesting. You feel like an actor if you adhere to the original approach that challenges your habits. In the end, you are positively surprised by the result. “

Aude FALOR – Purchaising Project Manager – THALES

” We embarked on this process, without much conviction on my part.
I am now more than surprised by the result. We had ambitious objectives for our product, (-20%), which we should be able to achieve by carrying out the actions identified thanks to AROLYS.
AROLYS’ expertise in DtC, and an obvious technical background are real assets for this type of mission.
Their size, in my opinion, allows them to be very responsive and competitive with large firms. “

Frederic GAUMET – Business development manager – VEOLIA AQUACULTURE

” Despite the COVID situation that locked us to work on remote workshop and almost no face to face brainstorming and fully dynamic experience, we learn a lot of develop through this process extremely valuable options and solutions to be digested and integrated into our corporate strategy to standardize new products and solutions in our market. “

François CORSO – Design Office Manager – CONDUCTIX

” We appreciated the undeniable methodological contribution on the functional definition and the absolute necessity to judge the levels of flexibilities to define the right need.
The cost breakdown method is simple and pragmatic, which makes it possible to challenge the definition of the product and to imagine new concepts to achieve the cost reduction objectives already in this phase.
A great dynamic was created between the teams during this analysis, which continued during the implementation of the project. “

Benjamin STALDER – Project Manager – CONDUCTIX

” I particularly appreciated this approach which took me out of my purely technical vision. It is global and efficient. It gives a lot of clarity to the management (and obviously to ourselves). “

Pierre BRION – Head of Engines division – SOMFY

” The method is simple and the approach is based on a lot of pragmatism and common sense. Moreover, it allows the experts present to collaborate and to reach a consensus. I have rarely seen an approach of this type bring us to this level of result in such a short time. Bravo AROLYS!”

Matthieu DROUOT – Product and Market Manager – SOMFY SIMU

” Thanks to a simple and pragmatic method, Arolys has enabled us to objectively target the sources of cost reduction necessary to maintain our competitiveness. The years go by and we very easily add unnecessary costs ! The “Design to cost” approach quickly allows us to identify all the sources of cost reduction, while respecting our values of quality, service and other specificities linked to our company. In a word: Thank you! “

Xavier GOUSSET – Méthodes – ALDES

” The fact of having an external facilitator (Arolys) obliges us to reformulate our needs without taboos. This is to ensure that they are understood by the whole project group, including Arolys (role of candide). As Arolys has a timetable to respect, it forces us to make quick decisions to enable the synthesis at the end of the process. “

Joanna ALAIMO – DtC Responsible – THALES AVIONICS

” We were very satisfied with the service provided by Arolys, which was able to adapt to our needs, our organization and our constraints throughout the project. Very good facilitation of the multi-trade workshops, in particular the efficient, fast and pragmatic Functional Analysis. “

Olivier ROCHON – Cybersecurity Solution Manager – ITRON

LinkedIn recommandation

” Philippe has engaged with our company on an ambitious product design to cost reduction program on strategic electricity metering projects. His rigorous and systematic approach and his capacity to lead brainstorming sessions with design teams, to challenge assumptions and to break cultural barriers has delivered outstanding results. Therefore I warmly recommend Philippe, as he can bring tremendous added-value to any design to cost reduction program. “

Florent COLLIAU – Project manager – THALES

LinkedIn recommandation

” Philippe and the AROLYS team were asked for the Redesign to Cost of a best seller in the avionics industry. They knew how to extract the most efficient ways and to flush out the best ideas, even the most hidden ones, from the most discreet, but not less relevant collaborators, to challenge the plan for a winning redesign! Thank you Philippe! “

Sandrine VARELA – Project Manager Chemicals Business Unit – AREVA

Internet testimonial

” AROLYS managed a group with varied and complementary skills. AROLYS was able to adapt its method to this project. The approach was systematic and rigorous.
Despite the scope and complexity of the subject, AROLYS found the right compromise between flexibility and refocusing on the objectives. “

Alexandre PARISI – Direct Purchasing Manager – ELM LEBLANC (BOSCH Group)

Testimonial published in the Décision Achats magazine

” The contribution of an external approach to our business was an indispensable asset in questioning positions, solutions or choices that were wrongly considered definitive.
In the end, AROLYS helped us to develop innovative solutions with our suppliers to make the product quieter and more energy efficient, at a lower cost price. “


LinkedIn recommandation

” It was a great pleasure to work with you and your company. You were very professional in the mission you did for Marie St Hubert to introduce and apply for multiple projects the approach of Design to Cost. This methodology is a great approach to bring a strong way of analysing Key Quality Attributes.
I fully recommend the approach and specially conducted by Arolys and his team.”

Alain DOUX – Cost estimates – THALES

” A clear, constructive approach to identifying gains and distinguishing between what is required by the customer, what is just necessary and what is negotiable. “

Pierrick LAMOUR – PDA ACP – thales

” You get the feeling that arolys is not new to the business, which is good, because they know their stuff and can point you in the right direction. But on certain points, the specificity of certain requests can be a problem. But overall, the approach and the team are good. “

François CORSO – Responsable Business Unit – CONDUCTIX

” AROLYS’ support approach covered a “traditional” component of their business, and a more project-planification aspect. The support we provided enabled them to rapidly build a basic roadmap for the rest of the operation. “

Raphaël MEILLE – Industrialisation Cost Engineer – THALES

” An approach that allows all project stakeholders to be brought to the table (unfortunately this is becoming increasingly rare) and to effectively challenge all the components / stages in the construction of the RC cost of a product, with moderation of the stakeholders in virtually real time. “


“The “design to cost” method has the advantage of bringing together all the trades and going through all the stages of the project in detail. This can sometimes seem daunting, but it allows everyone to have a more global vision and to have a contribution. The motivated and dynamic facilitation as well as the experience of the facilitator made it possible to make the most of the method by identifying all the areas for improvement and putting a figure on them.”

Jean-François GARCIA – Technical Services Manager – ALDES

” Behind the words that are regularly used in the industry (produce at the right price by meeting the desired functions and seeking standardisation), the “AROLYS method” has the merit of setting out a simple (but not simplistic) and accessible approach to achieving these objectives. “

Yvan BOGUCKI – Product Manager – CONDUCTIX

” Passer par Arolys et ainsi avoir un œil neuf a permis de revenir à la base des produits et des coûts pour casser les préjugés et définir les actions qui sont nécessaires et celles qui ne le sont pas. “

Olivier FREZET – Sales managers – CONDUCTIX

” The Design to Cost approach proposed by Arolys is a very good application of the precept “To decide is to choose, to choose is to give up”.
Philipe not only provided us with a methodology, but above all helped us to take a step back and make natural decisions.
This exercise should therefore be considered as much a technical process as a change management process. “

Jingwei XU – Procurement NPI – ITRON

” The DTC project we worked with Arolys is quite effective, we achieved the incredibale saving target after three rounds of brainstorming and workshops. “

Pascal FRANCOIS – Methods Engineer – ALDES

” A rigorous approach with a mastery of animation, relevant conclusions to be put in relation with the industrial context which does not necessarily allow the approach to be completely successful. “


” I really liked the approach of training/project activity. I’m sure it make it more complex to manage but it’s very powerful. We are getting trained and we are working on the project, it’s very efficient.
I think it was a good training and project team activity. “


” The methodology was good and proven through real example. Although for the real project we may not be able to get full savings potential after  consideration to technical and commercial complexity. It does give us the guidance to put the methodology in real use. “

Martin GJELSTAD – Sales and Tender – KRÜGER VEOLIA

Traduit de l’anglais

” A very good method of challenging set way of thinking, and to identify potential savings and simplifications. The Covid-19 sitiuation made the meeting situation more difficult, and I think that this kind of work would benefit from physical meetings. That said, the way the meeting were conducted in the situation was very satisfactory. “



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