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Excessive diversity can also be treated afterwards, on existing ranges

Diversity is often a result, not a conscious choice: product ranges have been built up over the years by a succession of additions, with the laudable aim of developing market share.
And we never ‘clean up’ among the existing product ranges (or so few and so hard!).
Diversity is thus undergone and not thought through, without any real awareness of its impact on profitability.

When it comes to rationalising an existing range that is too extensive, internal fears and resistance are a major obstacle to significant progress:
Marketing and sales teams fear that hard-won market share will be lost and that their ability to capture new market share will be restricted. As a result, progress is often very slow or even insignificant.

Diversity diagnosis

However, the hidden costs of diversity can be identified by a quick diagnosis and then summarised in a simple and collectively agreed scale.s.

When they are no longer distributed – and therefore mostly borne by the major flows – but charged as a flat rate according to the scale, diversity costs shed light on the priorities for rationalising the range.
The profitability differentials between whole sections of the range are often staggering and convince stakeholders of the need to think differently.
Simplification solutions are then easier to determine than they seem: better staggering, grouping of similar variants, incentive-based pricing, differentiated processes, etc.
In addition to “quick wins” solutions, a road map can be established and shared to move towards a rationalised target range in an efficient and controlled manner.

Consensus for real innovation

In initial design as well as in a posteriori rationalisation, the simplification of diversity is based on factual and reasoned observations in order to encourage consensus.

It is not a question of making sudden drastic cuts, nor of brutalising customers' habits, but rather of freeing up energies for genuine innovation.

It is better to concentrate efforts on simplified diversity and to aim for greater attractiveness and competitiveness.


Frederic GAUMET – Business development manager – VEOLIA AQUACULTURE

” Despite the COVID situation that locked us to work on remote workshop and almost no face to face brainstorming and fully dynamic experience, we learn a lot of develop through this process extremely valuable options and solutions to be digested and integrated into our corporate strategy to standardize new products and solutions in our market. “

Jean-François GARCIA – Technical Services Manager – ALDES

” Behind the words that are regularly used in the industry (produce at the right price by meeting the desired functions and seeking standardisation), the “AROLYS method” has the merit of setting out a simple (but not simplistic) and accessible approach to achieving these objectives. “

Yvan BOGUCKI – Product Manager – CONDUCTIX

” Passer par Arolys et ainsi avoir un œil neuf a permis de revenir à la base des produits et des coûts pour casser les préjugés et définir les actions qui sont nécessaires et celles qui ne le sont pas. “



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