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L’Usine Nouvelle’s File “Purchases and Cost Reductions” published on 17/12/2020

Arolys: Agile and efficient solutions to reinvent competitiveness and Customer Value

Arolys develops pragmatic and quick solutions to significantly reduce costs and increase customer value within all types of structures. For Philippe Rivoiron, succeeding in Design to Cost and Value is vital for the future of companies.

How would you define your job ?

Philippe Rivoiron: Arolys is a specialist in Design to Cost and Value. We implement, together with companies, a product and service design approach that targets both radical savings in competitiveness and the reinvention of Customer Value.

What is your approach ?

Philippe Rivoiron: We rely on a light and quick but highly structured methodology, which effectively combines the company’s skills. We lead short (less than 10 days over 3 to 4 months) and very pragmatic approaches for the design or redesign of systems (products, machines, complete plants) aimed at a strong cost reduction, increased customer value and standardization (modular design, platformisation).

What makes Arolys different ?

Philippe Rivoiron: Our responsiveness and ability to adapt to a wide variety of contexts within large groups but also SMEs and start-ups, in France and abroad. Traditional costreduction approaches are too often long and complicated, for disappointing results. We propose simpler methods that generate strong team commitment, an essential factor in changing work methods and driving a dynamic of change.
Arolys’ great pride is the very high customer satisfaction rate that we systematically measure.

Why advise a company to take this step ?

Philippe Rivoiron: Because competitiveness and innovation are very often a question of survival. Faced with ever-increasing competition, companies must surprise, stand out and radically transform the user experience. At the same time, they have to respond to new constraints (energy, environment, security, etc.) and achieve hypercompetitive costs.
The potentials of competitiveness are most often huge and largely underestimated. The Arolys method federates the different functions of the company, by crossing points of view, promoting synergy, dialogue and transparency, and by associating suppliers and partners.
The results obtained for the most part without heavy investment push the company to aim higher.

What would you say to a manager who doubts the effectiveness of Design to Cost and Value ?

Philippe Rivoiron: I would tell him that he is right: critical thinking is an asset! Skepticism is often the order of the day at the beginning of our assignments, but when a first pilot case turns into a success, the company wants to put this dynamic at the heart of its project.

Customer testimonies

Peggy DEUSCHT Manager of site Centre of Excellence at CONDUCTIX WAMPFLER
“Arolys’ accompaniment has been a real success because the approach is extremely pragmatic and concrete. It’s a field accompaniment as close as possible to the teams, almost like team building !.”

Joanna ALAIMO Industrialisation Manager and Design to Cost pilot at THALES AVIONICS
“We were very pleased with the delivery of Arolys. Very good animation, efficient, fast and pragmatic.”

Jean d’ARIES Technical and Performance Management at VEOLIA
“The performance of Arolys was very productive and perfectly met our expectations.”

Pierre BRION Head of engines division at SOMFY
“I have rarely seen an approach of this type bring us to this level of result in such a short period of time. Bravo AROLYS.”

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