Testimonies and LinkedIn recommendations

Manager of site Centre of Excellence at CONDUCTIX WAMPFLER

“Arolys’ accompaniment has been a real success because the approach is extremely pragmatic and concrete. It’s a field accompaniment as close as possible to the teams, which gives rhythm and a permanent adjustment to our needs. Beyond the results on the equipment itself, this approach has brought the teams closer together… it’s almost like team building!.”

Raphaël THOMAS

“The choice of partner is key for this type of DTC approach, both to guarantee the achievement of the ambitious targeted results and, in our case, to convince all internal stakeholders of the relevance of the approach. In my opinion, the excellent results obtained with Arolys within the framework of our project are linked to three key parameters: good timing (very upstream approach), adaptation of the approach to the environment (product complexity, internal organisation…) and the quality of the people involved. Arolys’ agility and seriousness were exactly what we were looking for.”

Industrialisation Manager and Design to Cost pilot at THALES AVIONICS

We were very pleased with the delivery of Arolys, which throughout the project has managed to adapt to our needs, our organization and our constraints. Very good animation of multi-disciplinary workshops, especially functional analysis, fast and pragmatic.

Project manager new products at SEPRO-GROUP

“This “action-training” enabled us to “optimize” and “energize” the value analysis, benchmarking, research and evaluation of solutions. It is pragmatic, flexible and above all effective.”

Jean d’ARIES
Technical and Performance Management at VEOLIA

“The performance of Arolys and especially the ability of Philippe Rivoiron to lead and make work together interlocutors rather accustomed to working “in silos” was very productive and perfectly met our expectations.”

Pierre BRION
Head of engines division at SOMFY

“The method is simple and the approach is based on a lot of pragmatism and common sense. Moreover, it allows the experts present to collaborate and reach a consensus. I have rarely seen an approach of this type bring us to this level of result in such a short period of time. Bravo AROLYS.”

Benjamin STADLER

I particularly appreciated this approach, which took me out of my purely technical vision. It is global and efficient. It gives a lot of clarity to the management (and obviously to ourselves).

CEO at NEOLUX and former Project Manager at THALES AVIONICS

Philippe and the AROLYS team were asked to “redesign to cost” a best seller in the avionics industry. They were able to extract the most efficient ways and to find the best ideas, even the most hidden ones, from the most discreet, but no less relevant collaborators, to challenge the plan of a winning redesign ! Thank you, Philippe !

Project Manager – new product development at SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC

I really liked the approach of training/project activity. I’m sure it make it more complex to manage/lead but it’s very powerful. We are getting trained and we are working on the project, it’s very efficient.

Innovation Director Bunge Europe

It was a great pleasure to work with you and your company. You were very professional in the mission you did for Marie StHubert to introduce and apply for multiple projects the approach of Design to Cost. This methodology is a great approach to QFD later and bring a strong way of analysing Key Quality Attributes.
I fully recommend the approach and specially conducted by Arolys and his team.

Olivier ROCHON
Security Solution Manager at Itron

Philippe has engaged with our company on an ambitious product design to cost reduction program on strategic electricity metering projects. His rigorous and systematic approach and his capacity to lead brainstorming sessions with design teams, to challenge assumptions and to break cultural barriers has delivered outstanding results. Therefore I warmly recommend Philippe, as he can bring tremendous added-value to any design to cost reduction program.

Jean-François GARCIA
Head of Technical Services ALDES

Behind the words that regularly recur in the Industry (produce at the right price by responding to the desired functions and by seeking standardization), the “AROLYS method” has the merit of posing a simple (but not simplistic) and accessible approach in order to achieve these objectives.

Acoustics Manager BRANDT Lyon

I participated in 3 Working Groups led by the AROLYS team. The atmosphere of the groups and the dynamism of the speakers made the work on cost reductions, a subject that was initially less exciting than others, very interesting. You feel like an actor if you adhere to the original approach that shakes up your habits. In the end, we are positively surprised by the result.

Patrice FAGNAN
President at PELSS

A very interesting method for builders, with well adapted personalized training.

Alexandre PARISI
Direct Purchasing Manager of ELM LEBLANC Groupe BOSCH

The contribution of an external approach to our business has been an indispensable asset in questioning positions, solutions or choices that were wrongly judged to be definitive. In the end, AROLYS will have helped us to develop with our suppliers innovative solutions to make the product quieter and more energy-efficient, at a lower cost price.

Mickaël REQUIN

The training is very useful and opens the mind to the design-to-cost approach upstream and downstream of projects.


The point is, it’s very direct! The method you propose is very flexible, very light, very reactive, very direct and can be integrated into the heavy procedures of any company… it speeds up operations. You’re always amazed at the earning potential that can be achieved by putting everything back to square one !

ARCOCE Program Manager for SNECMA SPS – SAFRAN Group

The strong points of the CCO Arolys approach were mainly to push people to think in a new context and to shed very strong light on the cost vision…
In the end, you get a strong overall impression of efficiency.

Sandrine VARELA
Project Manager of AREVA’s Chemistry Business Unit

AROLYS has managed a group with varied and complementary skills. AROLYS was able to adapt its method to this project. The approach was systematic and rigorous.
Despite the scope and complexity of the subject, AROLYS found the right compromise between flexibility and refocusing on the objectives.