Arolys Expertise



AROLYS is an approved and affiliated member AFAV
(Association Française pour l’Analyse de la Valeur)

We animate numerous missions of DESIGN and REDESIGN TO COST & TO VALUE in France, in Europe (Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Finland…), United States (Kansas, Minnesota).

  • Consumer products
    Design and Redesign to Cost of different household devices (BRANDT – CEVITAL), sport products (DECATHLON), boilers (BOSCH, DE DIETRICH), …
  • Agriculture equipment and large ground vehicles
    Design to Value of tractors, combines, planters, spray cuts, balers… (AGCO – MASSEY FERGUSON – VALTRA), …
    VA (Value Analysis) of vibrating vehicles for petroleum deposits detection (SERCEL)
  • Aeronautics and Space :
    Cost reduction of A380 modules (HISPANO SUIZA) …
    Cost optimization on composites new technologies for civil aeronautics (SAFRAN), …
  • Water treatment
    VA of drinking and residual water treatment plants (SUEZ – DEGREMONT)
  • Nuclear technology
    VA of an Uranium purifying installation (Areva)
  • Electronics
    Cost optimization of multiple military systems (THALES), of water, thermal energy, gas and electricity meters (ITRON)…
  • Railway
    Redesign of systems of the AGC train “high-capacity railcar” (BOMBARDIER TRANSPORT)
    Fittings optimization of a new locomotive (ALSTOM), …

We led numerous missions of training and deployment of competitivity and innovation approaches in France and abroad :

  • Training actions of pilots and deployement of the Design to Value approach on 5 sites : 1 in France, 2 in the United States and 2 in Finland (AGCO – MASSEY FERGUSON, VALTRA, CHALLENGER, FENDT)
  • Training of more than 120 engineers and technicians to the quick and efficient Design to Cost tools en France, Italy, Spain, Germany (SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC)
  • Numerous training to efficient Design to Cost (PAM – SAINT GOBAIN, MECAPACK, DEF…))

We have simplified the diversity of numerous product ranges

  • Food products
  • Tractors
  • Scaffolding and ladders
  • Ski boots